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Question to pitch-black question:

People are usually much more "distracted" (to savoid saying stupid, I'm very 
when they become customers. Remove extra intelligence points when you are 
talking to them on the phone.

So you have to make it as clear as possible.
Use threats, disguised, of course.

I am saying this from my experience teaching workshops(asking for a list of 
supplies from the schools)
and as an ex-art supply counsellor (salesperson with knowedge and helful 
A school workshop was almost ruined from the inadequacy of the supplies 
They provided gouache paints when I specifically asked many times to avoid 
at all costs.
Acrylic paint! Acrylic paint!
let's move on...

So, my suggestion to you is: as clear as if you needed to explain it to "a 
self-made moron":

"We need Pitch black. Which means when the show is ready to start, no one 
should be able to see ANYTHING. Not even a vague shadow or texture.  To make 
sure this is the case. a simple test: wait in the dark, with eyes open,  for 
10 minutes. If you still see nothing (astill with eyes open) at all, then 
you have pitch black.

Also, make sure the entrances are either:

-locked during the show (no admitting distracting light during performance, 
which will ruin the magic completely).
 (some places are not allowed to lock doors during performances, due to 
safety laws)

-or completely hidden (two sets of curtained doors perhaps) to prevent light 
If the pitch black is not achieved, the show could be ruined for everyone, 
or at least seriously made less convincing.  "

I do not mean to be mean, but sadly, I'm being realistic.
My definition of a self-made moron is someone who does not seek to improve 
his condition, does not seek knowledge, and seems happy to not have to 
"figure things out" for himself. Unfortunately, lots of those everywhere, 
especially in service and government positions.

For fine (and sometimes hilarious and sad at the same time) examples of 
morons, read:
The Hithickers Guide To The Galaxy, by Douglas Adams (the Golgafrinchans are 
the morons, if I remember correctly)
The Marching Morons, a short story by C.M. Kornbluth (sad, radical ending)

Mathieu René Créaturiste
Marionnettes, Masques, Etcetera...
Puppets, Masks, Etcetera...
(514) 274-8027
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Subject: [Puptcrit] Re: Two questions

> Hi Critters,
>   Question # 1 - I will begin to use a walking stage (after walking away
> from that type of performing a long time ago)  I need a powerful, yet
> lightweight, portable, wearable battery-operated amplifier that has two 
> inputs, one for
> mic and one for tape)  Does anything like this exist?
>     Question # 2 - I have been performing a black light show, The
> Spectacular Seas, at schools and theaters, for several years.  When 
> booking the show, I
> describe the pitch black conditions I need.  I would say that in nearly 50 
> per
> cent of the venues (at least here in Florida), it is nowehere near pitch
> black.  They don't call it Flori-DUH for nothing!
> Any suggestions on how to describe (usually on the phone) what conditions 
> I
> need?
>     Thank you for your help, critters!
> Bob N
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