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Hi Bob,

Truly wouldn't do a show that has that kind of requirement cause of the 
problems you have encountered.
Have wanted to, want to, but don't.
When wanting to work with shadows I try to make sure they read in a lighted 
environment as well. Not as much fun, but........
Black light? Are you talking curtain of light or fluorescent?
In any event  you know my show, if you are doing something on a similar 
basis since we can't always control our ambient environment I would suggest 
redesigning so that it works well one way and better another.
Mark S.

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Subject: [Puptcrit] Re: Two questions

> Hi Critters,
>   Question # 1 - I will begin to use a walking stage (after walking away
> from that type of performing a long time ago)  I need a powerful, yet
> lightweight, portable, wearable battery-operated amplifier that has two 
> inputs, one for
> mic and one for tape)  Does anything like this exist?
>     Question # 2 - I have been performing a black light show, The
> Spectacular Seas, at schools and theaters, for several years.  When 
> booking the show, I
> describe the pitch black conditions I need.  I would say that in nearly 50 
> per
> cent of the venues (at least here in Florida), it is nowehere near pitch
> black.  They don't call it Flori-DUH for nothing!
> Any suggestions on how to describe (usually on the phone) what conditions 
> I
> need?
>     Thank you for your help, critters!
> Bob N
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