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Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2005 06:46:52 -0500
Subject: [Puptcrit] Help for a friend


	A very old friend of mine works in the San Francisco International
Bird Rescue Center and is looking for help.  What she is looking for is=20
puppet bird heads to feed the orphan birds recovered form oil spills
and other problems.  Ducks, egrets, herons are just some of the birds
they treat.
	She recently had the idea to replace the 'sock' which they were=20
feeding the birds with to something more convincing.  If anyone is
interested in taking on this project, lending advice, or can think of
something that would work please let me know and I will forward along
the information.
	I do not know if there is any $ involved (there may be for the right
solution), but it seems to me that if you are a grant writer this may
fit into many niches.

Thanks for all the brain power.

Peter Schaefer
Tanglewood Marionettes

Part of the e-mail sent to me.
> I'm now working as a=A0wildlife rehabilitation supervisor at the
> International Bird Rescue Research Center and I totally love it. We
> specialize in aquatic bird rehabilitation and oil spill response, and=20
> every year we raise over 1,000 orphaned ducklings and over 500 baby
> egrets and herons between March-September. We just got our first
> ducklings of the season yesterday, which is terrifying - crazy season=20
> is starting early this year.
> Which is why I'm emailing you out of the blue. The baby herons and
> egrets are particulary susceptible to imprinting on humans, and many=20
> need to be hand-fed when they first come in.=A0We get mostly Snowy
> Egrets and Black-crowned Night Herons, and=A0a few Cattle Egrets, Great
> Egrets and Green Herons. In the past=A0we've just used a sock over the=20
> hand with a pair of hemostats sticking out of a hole in the sock
> to=A0pick up and hold the food (usually fish, mealworms or dead
> mice).=A0Not too convincing, I'm sure. The ol sock head doesn't really=20
> look much like their parents (although we try to coordinate color).
> This year, we want to improve on that by making puppets!=A0I thought I'd
> check with=A0you=A0for ideas since you're an expert and all. Since their
> food is pretty gross and messy, and to prevent disease transmission,=20
> we have to be able to wash the whole thing.
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