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Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2005 19:10:41 -0800
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Puppet Eyes

Yes that works good or you can use air pressure to blow heated styrene
through a hole in plywood making a free form dome.

Or get a vacuum former!


At 06:31 PM 3/19/2005, you wrote:
>To avoid the gloves and to get a cleaner shape, I take
>a peice of 1/4" or 1/8" plywood, and cut out a circle
>about 1/8" larger than the circumference of the ball
>shape you are using. Then I usually duct tape the
>plastic onto the ply, and use it as a holder. Makes it
>easy to heat the styrene from both sides, and helps
>you get an even press around your ball shape. By the
>way, used light bulbs are great forms to start from-
>super smooth, and the plastic doesn't stick!
>Greg Ballora
>--- wrote:
> > For large ball or egg or spoon shaped eyes, take
> > some light-weight (very
> > thin) it in sheets at plastic
> > suppliers, cut off small pieces and
> > heat them with a heat gun...I wear fireplace gloves
> > for this operation.   Using
> > a ball or other solid for the model, as the styrene
> > begins to soften, you can
> > pull the stretchy styrene over the "ball" and form
> > your sphere for an eye.
> > I've made 6 inch, 1 inch and several sizes in
> > between for eyes.    You can make
> > "Big Bird" eyes or Grover   type.    Other tips
> > using sytrene is to have a
> > helper "pull" the edges of the hot styrene over the
> > ball. Once the styrene
> > begins to soften it needs to be worked.   Attach the
> > wooden ball model or whatever
> > shape you prefer to a base which can be held in a
> > vise while you "pull"
> > multiple eyes over the model.    You are most
> > welcome    JIm Gamble
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