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Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2005 21:56:58 EST
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Puppet Eyes

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There  was even a toy out, designed to make bodies for hotwheel type cars.
I don't  know if it still being made, or what the name was.  But, I imagine
it  could be used to make eyes up to a hotwheel car size.

Joe Dunfee

Check yard sales and church sales, once in a blue moon such units  show up
  after all this one can still go back to using a ping pong ball cut  in 
half, very simple
 compared to all of these ideas,.
 Here is an idea and you can only obtain it this time of year, locate  
plastic Easter eggs
 that open length wise, some places will sell 24 for a buck or two,  the two 
egg halves will
 make eyes.
Walmart sells a giant egg for two bucks or less  the size of a human head, if 
one obtains
 this giant egg, using the top half makes a perfect mold for paper  mache, 2 
half's attached
 together makes a perfect human size head.
 also here is another idea for you, if you can locate the 1 or 2 inch  dia 
pool noodles the kids
 play with, this is an extruded soft foam with a hole down the center,  if 
one was to cut it
 to length and run a cord down its length, the top part would attach  to the 
puppets shoulder
 the bottom half attaches the hand via the cord, the foam noodle is  the arm, 
and half way down the arm if you tie a thin strong cord you have an  elbow 
where the arm can fold with ease, covered with clothing no one is the  wiser
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