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Date: Thu, 03 Mar 2005 14:24:51 -0500
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Santa Claus' Punch and Judy

It's probably a little too late now, but there is actually a 
low-bandwidth streaming option for almost all of the movies. 
The low-bandwidth version of "Punch and Judy" can be downloaded from

- Andrew

Mathieu René wrote:

> Thank you Andrew!
> Your contribution to this list is as always outstanding.
> I wonder how you find the time! Maybe you have a neural link to the 
> Net...
> For those who have a problem downloading, instead of nearly losing 
> your mind like I almost did,
> here is a link to a much easier way to download, if you have and know 
> how to use an FTP server.
> Sometimes the answers don't lie anywhere else than the page you're 
> already looking at...
> I'm downloading it now, and it's not going to be before an hour  that 
> I can view the film.
> Maybe someday my puppets will pay me an allocation for living spaces, 
> and maybe this will help me afford High Speed Internet!
> Mathieu René Créaturiste
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