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Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2005 12:32:36 EST
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Puppet Eyes

Another easy alternate to the ping-pong ball method is to cut the handle  off 
a white plastic spoon and use the bowl as an eye.
In a message dated 2/28/05 11:22:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:

Hi  All,

I've never asked for  help before on a project. so here goes. I'm
working on an original Opera in  Los Angeles and am building an army of
Valkyrie moving mouth hand puppets.  I'm having a very hard time finding eyes
that are rounded, plastic and  large enough to stand out. Ultimately I'd love
to find something that has  that great Muppet aesthetic and feel. Any help,
tips or info is  appreciated! This group is great. 

As Usual,

Sean T.  Cawelti

Rogue Artists Ensemble - Artistic  Director

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