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Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005 22:23:36 -0800
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Historic Puppet Film Querie


At 11:44 AM 3/9/2005, you wrote:

>Thinking some more on this, perhaps the person in question saw the Michael
>Meyerberg version, from the 1950's?   It's still shown on some PBS 
>There is a recent marionette version with Jim Gamble's puppets, as well, and
>both films use Humperdinck's score, I do believe....
>Now, unrelated as it may be to "Hansel & Gretel"...   Lou Bunin and his
>brother Maury performed an animated puppet segment in "The Ziegfield 
>Follies" of
>1946 (very short, as I recall, and perhaps even part of the opening 
>Lou went off on his own for the Franco-British "Alice in Wonderland;" 
>Maury and
>Hope Bunin worked the Foodini puppets for US television.   Maury created some
>Alvin & the Chipmunk puppets and a "My Friend the Witch Doctor" for live
>performances with David Seville (Ross Bagdasarian) on "The Ed Sullivan 
>Show." And
>of course the Bunins provided the Aniform puppets for some amazing "real-time
>animation" segments on the original "Captain Kangaroo Show."
>But there is another person on this list who is an expert on the subject of

Not so much an expert, but I worked as a writer/performer at Aniforms, and 
with Morey, for about 12 years.
Early on, in the early 70's, they trained me as a projectionist in the demo 
room just to keep me around between shows . . .which were not too plentiful 
at first.  During lunch hour I would run an old kinescope of one of Morey's 
early TV shows with Foodini and Pinhead.  I used to watch the show in the 
50's, as a kid growing up in Philadelphia.  I, and others in the company, 
really appreciated his work, as well as the old commercials that were on 
some of the reels.  Then one of our troop, Wayland Flowers, told me that 
Morey was embarrassed by the shows and asked that I stop the 
screenings.  I'm sorry that I never spoke to Morey about the shows, and had 
a chance to explain to him why I was watching them.

I knew about his work with the chipmunks, and on Capt. Kangaroo, but as the 
company was not creatively involved in either (as far as I knew) the 
knowledge of the shows ended there.   And i met Lou on a few occasions when 
he'd stop by to check on his bro'.

I now work with another ex-Aniformite and his company that does essentially 
the same kind of animation.  There are pictures on my website.

-Bob Stone 
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