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Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005 14:11:39 EST
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] POA 2007

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Hi Mark  - you are right - there are lots and lots of people in the area you  
suggest for the2007 POA fest - But - how many of them are puppeteers or  
interested in puppetry.  New York and California have the most  members of 
so doesn't it make more sense to have the festivals  somewhere in between the 
two locations?  Just my opinion.    Fred Cowan - POA member since l949.

Problem with that, conventions are always 2,000 -3,000 miles from  where many 
 I do not fly as many do not, so these events are out., if Everyone  east of 
the Mississippi
 have to travel these thousands of miles, then why not reverse it for  once? 
The west coast
 performers can travel east for a change 
 I would have enjoyed attending the 2005 event but to far to drive.  New 
England including
 NY and NJ, PA have a large number of puppeteers , maybe not all POA  
members, but
 The idea is to draw more into the POA. To make the event open to  persons 
not yet POA
 members and also many who are new to puppets.
 The sun casino is a great location and there is a commuter airport  served 
nationwide only
 10 miles away, and Bradley International an hour drive (shuttle  busses can 
be set up)
 or they can rent a car. There is also a Major TV station office a few  miles 
away to provide
 TV coverage and others in NYC to provide coverage of the event for  
publicity, including
 the major papers, for NYC, CT and MA and RI - 10% of the Nations  population 
would hear
 about it if publicity is exploited right.
 It seems every convention no matter what the subject is either on the  West 
coast, Texas
 or Florida and leaves many out of luck 
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