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Only responding to this because I find it a bit bothersome.
Seems to me that the 2005 Festival is in Minnesota, now the last I checked 
that isn't the West Coast, East Coast , Florida or Texas...but of course 
could be mistaken there.

I love the festivals wherever they are whenever I can get there and I truly 
appreciate the efforts of those that organize and run them. Thank You.

Mark, I think that perhaps your experience isn't too long on this cause 
festivals (at least to me) seem to be all over the place and that is kind of 

Mark S.

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> Hi Mark  - you are right - there are lots and lots of people in the area 
> you
> suggest for the2007 POA fest - But - how many of them are puppeteers or
> people
> interested in puppetry.  New York and California have the most  members of
> so doesn't it make more sense to have the festivals  somewhere in between 
> the
> two locations?  Just my opinion.    Fred Cowan - POA member since l949.
> Problem with that, conventions are always 2,000 -3,000 miles from  where 
> many
> are
> I do not fly as many do not, so these events are out., if Everyone  east 
> of
> the Mississippi
> have to travel these thousands of miles, then why not reverse it for 
> once?
> The west coast
> performers can travel east for a change
> I would have enjoyed attending the 2005 event but to far to drive.  New
> England including
> NY and NJ, PA have a large number of puppeteers , maybe not all POA
> members, but
> The idea is to draw more into the POA. To make the event open to  persons
> not yet POA
> members and also many who are new to puppets.
> The sun casino is a great location and there is a commuter airport  served
> nationwide only
> 10 miles away, and Bradley International an hour drive (shuttle  busses 
> can
> be set up)
> or they can rent a car. There is also a Major TV station office a few 
> miles
> away to provide
> TV coverage and others in NYC to provide coverage of the event for
> publicity, including
> the major papers, for NYC, CT and MA and RI - 10% of the Nations 
> population
> would hear
> about it if publicity is exploited right.
> It seems every convention no matter what the subject is either on the 
> West
> coast, Texas
> or Florida and leaves many out of luck
> Regards
> Mark
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