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Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 11:33:10 EDT
Subject: [Puptcrit] Re: Anybody in San Diego could untangle strings?& wooden

In a message dated 9/12/2005 1:45:27 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

Is she located in NYC or San Diego?  If she is on the east coast and 
can get the puppet to us we can give it a shot.

Peter Schaefer
Tanglewood Marionettes

Thank you Peter,
I guess I wasn't clear. The lady with her tangled wizard strings are San
are in NYC.

On Sep 10, 2005, at 11:49 PM, wrote:

> Anybody in San Diego could untangle strings?
> A lady who bought a wizard rod marionette* from us last December in 
> tangled his 3 strings desperately.  Anybody out there in her  area 
> who would be
> willing to help her untangle?  She would come to you  and I could 
> give you some
> pointers long distance if needed.  It seems a  shame to fly him 
> coast-to-coast
> for untangling.
> *(he's only partially wooden, not so heavy to travel with, really, 
> she flew
> with 5 of them)
> V=C3=ADt Horej=C5=A1
> P.S.:  There's nothing like wood.  We  have flown wooden 4-footers, 
> 11-12
> pounders, even if rarely.   It's  the sets that are a problem, and 
> unfortunately,
> always a  consideration.  Occasionally, we still  get breaks on 
> oversize  and
> overweight and even some extra luggage allowance (maximum size is 
> really 8
> feet length and 100 lb, and they have made us pull out stuff out of 
> a trunk to
> comply with the 100 lb limit).   But it's getting harder and harder to
> convince the airlines to be magnanimous.   As a result, 
> unfortunately,  my mind has
> been conditioned to require all sets to fold into chunks  and 
> trunks of these
> sizes (and we fly pretty rarely).  However, some heavy  portions of 
> scenery
> over this limit were cheaper to build on the spot than to  fly.
> v
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