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Rick is a graphic artist who works at Medtronic in the Twin Cities
(Minnesota).  I only met him for the first time this spring, although he's
been building and restoring marionettes for quite some time.  As well as
being an extremely talented artist, he is also excellent with the mechanics
of marionettes.  I believe he's fairly well-known and respected in the
Doodyville world, but not really known in the puppetry world.

I don't know of anything related to his work online, but I believe I have
his email address at home.  I'll try to track that down and send it to you
"off list".


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In the Summer issue of the Puppetry Journal I saw a photograph from the
Puppetfest of Rick Liljeblad's Mark Twain marionette. Does anyone know of
anything online relating to Rick's work? Or any way to get in touch with
him? It looked fantastic and I have been searching for more information, but
without any luck.

Many thanks,


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