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Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Break A String, break a neck
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>Any other variations from other languages anybody

In French, for the same reasons, we are supposed to say: "Merde", which is 
common slang for feces.

There is another term for those who don't want to pronounce that semi-foul 
word, whichis now so common it is hardly considered rude.

You can say that you wish them the word of Cambrone "Je te souhaite le mot 
de cambrone".
I'm told that Cambrone word refers to the afforementionned body byproduct, 
although I do not know anything more about  a Cambrone and who or what it 

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> "break (your) neck"
> "zlom vaz"
> is what you say in Czech.  Any other variations from other languages 
> anybody
> knows?
> by the way, you can't wish "break a string" in Czech, you could wish "tear 
> a
> string"
> Vit Horejs
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> writes:
> Actually, all of the widely cited explanations (there are several) of 
> "break
> a leg" are completely speculative.  There's no evidence at all, and nobody
> really knows.  I personally suspect that it is indeed simple superstition,
> corresponding to the French theatrical equivalent "Merde".
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