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Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2005 20:40:36 -0400
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Subject: [Puptcrit] Dharma Road September Newsletter

I am really proud to announce Dharma Road's Fall Performance Series at
CRS=2E I believe we have put together a really thrilling mix of clown &
cabaret, puppetry & postmodern dance, physical theatre and
improvisation=2E We've come a long way in one year at the Center for
Remembering & Sharing=2E To bring you 30 performances in three months is
no easy task=2E In fact, it's all come together miraculously almost of
its own accord=2E So many people come through our door and say, wow, the
energy here is so warm and supportive! So, I want to thank YOU for
contributing your energy=2E This is a humble, lo-fi performance space,
but we're elevating it into a truly magical home for movement artists,
an oasis=2E We invite you to come often and drink deeply=2E

For our Fall Performance Schedule, visit:

Also, catch Dharma Artist Lake Simons in

The Mabou Mines Production

Written & Directed by: Lee Breuer
Music Composed by: Ushio Torikai
Puppetry Direction and Design by : Basil Twist
Lighting Design by
Jennifer Tipton and ML Geiger
Costume Design by Meganne George
Projections Designed by: Julie Archer

Skirball Center for the Performing Arts - NYU
566 LaGuardia Place
(Corner of LaGuardia Place and Washington Sq=2E South)

Tues=2E Sept=2E 20th -AT- 7:30
Thurs=2E and Fri=2E Sept 22nd & 23rd -AT- 8:00
Sat=2E Sept=2E 24th -AT- 7:00

Ticket Central 212-279-4200  Shagan Box Office 212-992-8484

RED BEADS, a gothic, coming-of-age fairy-tale/opera, investigates new
techniques in puppetry, using only wind to animate puppets, some of
which are transformed into luminous, quivering, ephemeral sets=2E It is a
poetic adaptation of an original story by Polina Klimovitskaya,
exploring the maturation of a young girl from child to woman, the
generational passage of power and sexuality=2E

The piece is set in turn-of-the-century New England using American
Surrealist imagery=2E The work explores the intersection of dance,
puppetry and opera with choreography based on the Japanese dance form
Ninjo Buryo=2E The dance is intricately linked with a new form of
puppetry using wind (high-powered fans) to create characters, as well
as time/space, by animating fabric=2E

Seven musicians (instruments include: oboe, harp, cello, keyboards,
violin & flute) accompany two sopranos and a baritone who sing the
libretto of the three characters: mother, daughter and father=2E

For more info, visit:

I'd also like to urge any of you with a passion for the art of
acting and/or for pyschology and eastern mysticism to check out one of
the New York appearances by my acting teacher John Osborne Hughes,
a director and producer from London=2E His combination of
psychospiritual healing and acting was one of the primary inspirations
for Dharma Road=2E

John Osborne Hughes, is coming to NYC  this fall to offer his course
"The Spiritual Psychology of Acting=2E"

John's course offers a unique approach to acting:  He helps us to
develop awareness (ability to observe our own thinking), and let go of
the thoughts that limit us in order to live freely in the present=2E Then
he offers how to apply that understanding to the art of acting=2E In
addition, students learn a practical technique of building a character,
based on  Stanislavsky=2E

He is holding two courses:

- Introductory Seminar
at The Open Center in Soho
Sept=2E 23rd (7-10 pm) $55
For more info, visit:

- a 3 day Workshop
at Where Eagles Dare
Oct=2E 14th, 15th, and 16th (Fri 4-11pm, Sat/Sun 11-6pm) $290
For more Information and to Register:
Contact Amy at (917) 570-6097 or Acmapo-AT-aol=2Ecom

**If you attend the seminar and want to continue with the 3 day
workshop, the  cost of the seminar will be deducted from the workshop

** If you are planning to register for the 3 day workshop, it's
not necessary  to attend the seminar=2E

We are well on our way toward filling our Spring 2006 Performance
Calendar=2E If you are interested in renting out studio theatre or in
being presented by us here, get in touch ASAP!

Finally, I'd like to encourage any creators out there who are struggling
to self-produce, or would simply  like some hand-holding as you work
through the business or presenting your art, to come visit us at CRS=2E
We provide all kinds of artist services to emerging and international
artists, including web and postcard design, videography, grant
proposal writing assistance, tech referals, artists visas and more
at very low cost=2E Our door is open=2E Let's make something happen!


Christopher Pelham
Dharma Road Productions, Inc=2E
CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing)
123 4th Ave, 2nd FL
New York, NY  10003


 Dharma Road Productions, Inc=2E is a not-for-profit, international &
multi-ethnic alliance of contemporary dance, physical theatre, video,
and puppetry artists based in New York City who came together to
shepherd emerging & foreign-born artists into the NYC performing arts
community and to light the way toward a deeper understanding of the
common ground shared by spirituality and art=2E For more info, visit

CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing) is a community center devoted to
the healing and creative arts=2E CRS offers counseling, energy healing,
and guided meditations based on the principles described in A Course in
Miracles (ACIM), as well as other kinds of healing practices, classes,
workshops, and lectures=2E The Center provides opportunities for
professional and emerging artists to develop and share their work
through its workshop and performance series and art gallery=2E For more
info, visit www=2Ecrsny=2Eorg=2E

If you no longer wish to receive mailings about performances, workshops
or services for artists, please reply to this message with REMOVE in
the subject line=2E

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