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Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 10:54:20 -0500
Subject: [Puptcrit] On the PoA from Wayne Krefting

My apologies on the delivery of my message on the survey.  I put in the usual characters for a smile and MSN turned it into a smiley face icon which wouldn't got through the list server.  So, just in case the message didn't get through from Malgosia, or someone missed it, here it is:

Hey Mark! (and everyone else!!)

No, you haven't missed the survey.  It's about ready to go out.  I've =
been trying to tighten it up.  Lots of advise from everyone and their =
cousin on what to leave in and what to leave out.  Probably too much =
advise/cacophony. =20

Basically, I have tried to be fairly comprehensive in the questions.  =
Many questions ask for a written response, rather than some kind of =
yes/no or gradation answer.  My thought was that I would get a more =
accurate idea of member and non-member ideas and reactions that way.  I =
can categorize answers and still have specific responses to help us =
chart the course of the Puppeteers of America.

I also believe that including everything in one survey would be better =
than breaking it up into innumerable surveys.  That way there will be a =
"flow" to responses and people will have the various issues in mind as =
they response (or vent, as the case may be).

The survey will be included in the body of an email, so no attachments =
to open.  Response will simply be a "Reply". The survey has about 60 =
questions.  Long, but the few people who have taken a trial run at it =
say it takes about 15 to 20 minutes to fill out.  Not very long when you =
figure how long we all spend doing everything else during our days.  =
Plus, this will benefit the puppet community, the Art, and Puppeteers of =

I am setting up the response email box and a method for people who are =
not on the Puppeteers of America member email list to have access for =
their response, too.

I guess August was optimistic on my part, but the survey will be out =
before the end of September.  I'll post here, too, so anyone interested, =
even if not PoA members, can participate.

Wayne Krefting
Puppeteers of America, Trustee
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