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Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2005 09:22:57 -0400
Subject: [Puptcrit] Re: Piggyback SSP - Another show in DC Saturday

After seeing Christopher at the National, take a 20 minute drive to 
the Puppet Co. Playhouse and see Paul Vincent Davis perform "Beauty 
and the Beast" at 11:30 AM & 1 PM.  POA members are admitted free.  
It's like a DC mini-Festival!  (Call (301) 320-6668 for 
reservations.  BTW, Christopher will be performing at the Playhouse 
in January.

On Sep 14, 2005, at 4:32 AM, Christopher Hudert wrote:

> For those on this list who may be in the DC area (or will be on 
> Saturday) and are not members of the National Capital Puppetry 
> Guild here's a little SSP about my show that opens the season at 
> the National Theater. If you come please say hello afterwards.
> What: The Magic of Hans Christian Andersen
> When: Saturday September 17, 2005   9:30 & 11:00 a.m.
> Where: The National Theater - Helen Hayes Gallery    Washington, DC
> Ticket info: Tickets are free, but are first come - first served. 
> Parking is difficult so Metro is best.
> =95  THE MAGIC OF HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN =95    Applause Unlimited =20
> celebrates the 200th anniversary of Hans Christian Andersen=92s birth =20
> with this new adaptation of their UNIMA award winning show! 
> Sometimes serious and heartwarming, sometimes downright silly, but 
> always fun, the show features storytelling and song as well as over =20
> twenty hand puppets, rod puppets, and marionettes in three of 
> Andersen=92s best loved tales: =93The Ugly Duckling=94, =93Thumbelisa=94, and 
> =93The Emperor=92s New Clothes=94.
>     APPLAUSE UNLIMITED  offers a wide range of performances 
> featuring fresh presentations of classic tales. Their approach 
> includes masks, puppets, storytelling, music, and comedy in a 
> unique combination that quietly educates as it entertains. Applause =20
> Unlimited has performed at festivals and in theaters world-wide. 
> Their shows have been acclaimed by audiences, educators, producers, =20
> and sponsors of children=92s and family entertainment receiving two =20
> Citations Of Excellence from the Union Internationale de la 
> Marionette, the highest award for puppetry in the United States.
> For more information on this or other shows by Applause Unlimited, 
> visit us on the web at or contact us at 
> the address below -
> Christopher Hudert
> Applause Unlimited
> 2824 Irisdale Avenue
> Richmond, VA 23228
> (804) 264-0299
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