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Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2005 08:43:31 -0700
Subject: [Puptcrit] Best adhesive for Ethafoam / Hot Glues

Mary do you have a brand name for this high temp
industrial hot glue?  We're on a hunt for a hot
glue that doesn't soften unless over 200.   Many
hot glues say they are good over 300 but still
soften and can pull apart even at 125 degrees!


At 06:53 AM 9/18/2005, you wrote:
>It does depend on the type of polyethelene you
>are using.  But since you said you were doing
>something large-scale, I'll offer the technique
>I use when I build Audrey IIs.  I follow Marty
>Robinson's advice and use high-temp industrial
>hotglue to "weld" the pieces together.  It does
>melt, but if you work fast the pieces melt to
>each other.  I also reinforce the seams with cloth.
>Mary Robinette Kowal
>Other Hand Productions
>Gregory Ballora wrote:
>>I have done pretty well with Barge Adhesive over the
>>years. Barge is a contact cement used in the Shoe
>>industry. If possible, I often wrap some fabric and
>>glue around the joint as a reinforcement. I haven't
>>tried industrial grade hot glue, but I am pretty sure
>>it will at least partially melt your foam.
>>Greg Ballora
>>--- Candleshoe <> wrote:
>>>Hello -
>>>I'm wondering if anyone might be able to advise on
>>>the best adhesive for
>>>ethafoam?  I'm wondering if good ol' hot glue is the
>>>answer, of the kind
>>>typically available at craft stores, or if there is
>>>a better "industrial
>>>strength" solution?
>>>I'm working on a rather large creation, and strength
>>>and durability is
>>>Thanks for any pointers!
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