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Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 00:29:38 EDT
Subject: [Puptcrit] Re: maximum luggage size -- but it costs

What I meant is 100 lb and 8 feet length (more for a pole vaulting pole or  a 
surfboard mast, but you may not get those on every flight) is the maximum the 
 airlines will ever let you put on as accompanying luggage.  They will  make 
you pay for it through the nose, unless you have a special deal with  them.  
But even our Official Carrier, Czech Airlines (pretty limited in  flights) is 
getting touchy about allowing those sizes without extra  payment.  Pakistanis, 
on the other hand, first scared us with playing bad  cop, then let us have all 
the oversizes-cum-weights without charge.  
Quite often, if we don't have deal negotiated beforehand, with a letter  from 
our non-profit puppet(!) theatre company in hand, we manage to talk the  
airline into either less then they would charge by the book or nothing one way,  
and then they sock it to us returning (or vice versa).
Vit Horejs
P.S.: But shouldn't you be able to get a former-pilot 20-pieces extra  
luggage, oversize, overweight (the luggage) allowance?
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> who would be
> > willing to help her  untangle?

even some extra luggage allowance (maximum size  is 
> really 8
> feet length and 100 lb, and they have made  us pull out stuff out of 
> a trunk to
> comply with the 100  lb limit)

.Also, tell me which airline allorws 100 
pounds...   I've been all over the world the past two years...70 pounds was 
some time ago, if you flew first class...I suppose if you ship air cargo,  it 
might be 100 pounds, but regular allowance today domestic USA is 50  pounds 
box for free,   +$25 more if over 50 and under  70.   If an airline allows 
pounds, it must be a once in a  lifetime good deal.. Jim Gamble (retired 
Airline captain and traveling  puppeteer.)   


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