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Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 12:15:13 -0400
Subject: [Puptcrit] Penny Pretzel seeks shows for new season

                                               Puppet Shows Wanted

The Penny Pretzel Playhouse located in South Orange New Jersey only 27
minuets from midtown New York by train is getting ready for it's third

With a new lighting system and new seats PPP is quickly becoming a great
place to perform.  Our family shows tend to attract an audience of 4 to 9
year olds with their parents.

This year we have seven performance slots for family theater and up to three
slots for more adult fare. This is a small venue of about 70 seats, with a
very appreciative audience.
Do you have a show suitable for our family series? Please contact me. I
still have open dates in January, March, April  and May

On March 18th we will be premiering a new work from Jennifer Levine Task,
"The Miracle of the Neighborhood", as a part of an evening of short works
for an adult audience. Do you have a puppet piece under twenty minutes but
longer than one? I would love to hear form you. This should be a great event
and an opportunity for performers to present a piece that, because of the
length, may not have many opportunities to do so. We hope to have an evening
of 4 to 6 shorts.

If you are interested in performing please contact Steven Hollow Please put Penny Pretzel in the subject line.

Thank you

Steven Hollow
Penny Pretzel Playhouse
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