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Subject: RE: [Puptcrit] Puppeteers in hurricane affected areas
Date: Fri, 02 Sep 2005 04:32:14 +0000

Hello Puppeteer Family,
My parents stuck it out in Foley, AL, about 40 miles south of Mobile AL. At 
its highest point, downtown Mobile was flooded with 8 feet of water. My 
folks are fine and sustained no damage to their house. However, what they 
need, like the rest of the citizens of Baldwin and Mobile Counties is food, 
ice, and gasoline. As of Wednesday afternoon, the only gas to be found was 
Premium, and there were lines, seemingly miles long, to the pumps. 
Forturnately, most of Baldwin County, unlike Mobile, has power and phone 
lines. You may remember that Mobile and the Gulf Coast of AL took a hard hit 
during Ivan last year.   Comparatively, Katrina has been a lesser disaster 
for these residents.
By contrast, I have artist and musician friends in New Orleans whom I still 
haven't heard from. Please keep all of these people, who are enduring some 
of the worst of human conditions, in your thoughts and prayers.

David Stephens

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