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Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 18:58:36 -0400
Subject: [Puptcrit] Re: Obraztsov inner stringing

Thanks Jim for your description of the Obraztsov technique.  I think I get 
it.  I'm surprised other puppet companies around the world don't seem to use 

I saw "The Unusual Concert" in the 1960's and remember it vividly.  I still 
have the program!  The puppets were of a different design than those used in 
the currently available VHS recording (I prefer the old design).

A strange story: a few years ago, I saw the Obraztsov troupe perform 
"Aladdin" in an elementary school in BrightonBeach, Brooklyn.  After the 
performance, I went backstage to relay some greetings to one of the 
performers who was a friend of a friend.

The troupe had already left the building and hopped on a bus bound for their 
hotel.  I jumped on board, found the friend, relayed the greeting and said 
good bye.

I then went back into the school and found it deserted.  There I stood 
backstage with all the old "Aladdin" puppets strewn on a table just waiting 
to be picked up and taken away.  I did examine them  but honesty got the 
best of me.

Robert Rogers 

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