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Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2005 22:31:44 EDT
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Thai puppets cancellation

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People drowned in New Orleans where I once worked for 9 months with Les  
Poupees de Paris on Bourbon St. Our Fearless President once again showed lousy  
leadership in New Orleans. That doesn't bode for a sense of well-being. It is  
not just an inconvenience, it is a disgrace.

Blaming the President and the federal Government is pure  ignorance, 
Louisiana like all the 50 "States"
 are Sovereign Nations , or State Nations, each with their own  Government , 
supreme court and
 "National Guard" - The Louisiana NATIONAL Guard is the military force  to 
defend the Sovereign Nation
 State of Louisiana, NO Federal Government or federal military or any  
Federal agent has any jurisdiction in any of the 50  Nation  States, they have to be 
INVITED by the nation state to enter  and assist with  requested action on ANY
 matter, The Federal government has NO say in any of the 50 state  nations of 
the Republic of the United States.
In order for the federal government to get influence on the activities of  
each of the state nations the federal government uses bribes and extortion  
techniques to get their way. I/E a state would like 5 billion for a road  project
the feds will love to provide it to you but you must give us such and  such 
or you must in act theses laws against the wishes of your citizens, or  you 
must give up such and such and so on and so on to get the funds.
The ONLY lousy leadership is the Moran so called mayor of New Orleans who  
could not lead his way to the bathroom, not taking the reigns and not moving  
some 100 plus school busses to higher ground to get everyone out instead of  
leaving them to die, also the idiot governor who did not REQUEST and provide  
Federal Government to enter her Nation State to provide assistance, that is  
the only two to blame period. keep the
blame where it really belongs. The Federal Government is ONLY the  
representative of the 50 United Sovereign State Nations ,whose only LEGAL  purpose is to 
provide a Federal Military Force, One form of coinage and Mail  Service to be 
used by all 50 Nation States, instead of having 50 different forms  of these 
three services , each state nation preserving their own military force  
(National Guard) and Air Force ( Air National Guard) for Defense from  invading 
forces and Natural or Man made disasters 
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