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Politics (as we have learned) are a hot topic here, as well as sex and 

But it is very hard to be silent when faced with this and the other post....

Boy the spin on the blame game is incredible to watch.....

There is so much more I am thinking etc. but this stuff doesn't belong here 
does it? So because I just can't be silent, with apologies,
 I have to say can't agree with the sentiment and I had to cut my vacation 
short just to say that.

Mark S.
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> Jim, speaking of flying, did you watch the incredible maneuver that
> commercial
> pilot pulled off yesterday at LAX.. was amazing to see a perfect landing
> balancing on a front
> metal stump that use to be wheels, he should receive an award for what was
> done


    The pilot did an excellent job, as he was trained to do.   I had just
returned from Moscow-Frankfurt-Newark yesterday and only saw the replay on 
     Funny how most everyone normally wants to blame pilots when things go
wrong regardless of cause, but cheer when pilots perform as expected.  That
Captain and his company planned carefully, burned off as much fuel as 
possible, (I
understand the A320 Airbus has no dumping capability) chose the longest
runway with most emergency equipment in the area, moved passengers to the 
rear to
put center of gravity as far aft as possible, so as to land nose high, and 
"fly" the nose to the runway, etc. The police closed the freeway just East 
the airport for additional safety's sake.   Normally, its the press that 
it all wrong.   This pilot, Capt. Burke, refused to be interviewed, saying
that he had nothing to say to the press.   Good work!!    Jim Gamble

   And I echo your remarks on the Mayor of N.O. who failed to put his city's
emergency plan into operation, and to the La Governor who also failed misera
bly and all who placed blame on FEMA and the Federal Government for not 
them from Katrina.   Then there was the looting and shooting at those who 
try to save I hear from Texas friends, who have reached out to 
the evacuees that they (evacs) are stealing autos, demanding more service 
failing to act as human beings.   All this was covered by world wide
press...I watched it from Moscow.

    Jim Gamble
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