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Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2005 14:14:57 +1000
Subject: [Puptcrit] Ummmm...I think this is a PUPPET LIST!

Although I appreciate the dramatic effect these events are having on your lives, I hardly think that this is the place to espouse political gratitudes but since you have opened pandoras box......... Regardless of who is to blame the rest of the world is witnessing the real face of America coming to the fore....and it isnt a pretty sight, Calouse, Rascist, Uncaring.
Louisiana is a state....NOT a sovereign nation....The Louisiana NATIONAL Guard is Louisiana's CONTRIBUTION TO the National Guard. ........ The Federal Government has all the power it needs in these situations.....the power to stop truck loads of fresh water being delivered, the power to stop fuel being provided, the power to disrupt state emergency services communication, the power to cut funding to an important levy, the power to stop international emergency aid from arriving within hours of the disaster occuring, the power to stop relief work while the president views the carnage from 30,000 ft........the power to stop members of the Louisana National Guard, In Iraq losing another war against another defenceless sovereign nation, from returning home to look for their Moms, Dads, Sisters, Children, Homes by threatening them with summary execution for desertion in the face of the enemy......(Funny coming from a commander in chief whose ENTIRE military record reads AWOL, Desertion, AWOL, Desertion, and finally dishonourable discharge for failing to report for active service....but Daddy took care of that.....)
Isn't it time you people took off your star spangled glasses and realised that when nearly the whole world is wrong....maybe its YOU that has the problem? Just a thought....

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