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Date: Fri, 02 Sep 2005 03:15:51 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Puppeteers in hurricane affected areas

Thanks for your concern. Probably donating money is the best support right now - the Red Cross, or others ( has lots of info for the New Orleans area). The city is very dangerous now, and is being totally evacuated, so unfortunately only military scale operations can be effective (and are beyond desparately needed - federal response has been inconceivably slow). There may be other locations to help, as the city is displaced and moved. I'm evacuated in Houston now, and they are in the process of bussing at least 25,000 people here, along with the many who drove - maybe 50,000 or more here. I volunteered in the Astrodome today, and it was weird to think that these people are my city now, along with all the other pockets of refugees. Extremely surreal and tragic times - loss of life and community. 
I was visiting family in the northeast before the storm, and flew back to Houston to meet my husband after he had to board up the house alone and drive here. Supposedly our place is not flooded (in Algiers, a part of the city across the river from the flooded part), but could be a while before we can return - although a house is not so valuable without any city to go with it. Don't know what the next move is. All my puppets are in N.O.
Western Louisiana was not hit, so Hobgoblin Hill folks are ok. I'm worried about Gigi Sandberg and the other Gulf Coast guild members - that was direct hit area.

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