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Unfortunately the ones being manipulated include masses on both sides of the
political spectrum, and one need only glance at the talking heads on Sunday
news shows to know that arrogance is a commodity in adequate supply.
I often think that the popularity of Punch is that he is a part of all of

Richard B. Johnson, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Actor, Director,
Puppeteer, Playwright, Teacher,Writer, Thingmaker, Mormon, Person, Fool.  I
sometimes think that the last persona is the most important- and most

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<< Isn't it time you people took off your star spangled glasses and realised

that when nearly the whole world is wrong....maybe its YOU that has the
problem? Just a thought.... >>

Very well said, Daniel.  Sadly, the patriots among us will never look
   History does indeed keep repeating itself.   Since this is still a puppet

board, I will only add that millions of Americans continue to be very well
manipulated.  Bob N _______________________________________________
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