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Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2005 14:23:54 EDT
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Penny Pretzel seeks shows for new season

Hi Steve,
Our children's marionette variety show is always available. We have worked  
with you in the past.
Also, for adults, I perform a show with Liz Joyce that is 20 minutes long  
and was a big hit at the recent National Puppet Fest in St. Paul.
Steven Widerman
The Puppet Company
34 Conklin Lane
Huntington, NY  11743-2518
(631) 425-1089
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Puppet Shows Wanted

The Penny Pretzel  Playhouse located in South Orange New Jersey only 27
minuets from midtown  New York by train is getting ready for it's third

With a new  lighting system and new seats PPP is quickly becoming a great
place to  perform.  Our family shows tend to attract an audience of 4 to 9
year  olds with their parents.

This year we have seven performance slots for  family theater and up to three
slots for more adult fare. This is a small  venue of about 70 seats, with a
very appreciative audience.
Do you have  a show suitable for our family series? Please contact me. I
still have open  dates in January, March, April  and May

On March 18th we will be  premiering a new work from Jennifer Levine Task,
"The Miracle of the  Neighborhood", as a part of an evening of short works
for an adult  audience. Do you have a puppet piece under twenty minutes but
longer than  one? I would love to hear form you. This should be a great event
and an  opportunity for performers to present a piece that, because of the
length,  may not have many opportunities to do so. We hope to have an evening
of 4  to 6 shorts.

If you are interested in performing please contact Steven  Hollow Please put Penny Pretzel in the subject  line.

Thank you

Steven Hollow
Penny Pretzel  Playhouse
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