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Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2005 16:45:57 -0400
Subject: [Puptcrit] Re: Help for Katrina - the Arts

I received this message from an acquaintance working in the shelters 
in LA - needing supplies for arts, etc.  For those who don't know 
anyone in LA helping in the shelters or those who are victims, I 
decided to send the letter to the list.  It gives a picture of what 
people are dealing with there, and a way we can help.  I think 
accountability at all levels, rather than blame, is what is 
needed.  But in the mean time, here's maybe a way to help.  Puppets, 
art supplies needed.   I also have info/organizations websites for 
those who want to donate to musicians/artists specifically, if so, 
let me know.  Please- Forgive the long post.

Diane Kordas

 From LA:
The Hurricane saga continues.  Last night our shelters got over 1000 
more evacuees from Houston and Lake Charles, LA.  We were in the 
shelter again today doing art with many children ages 3-18 who had 
come with this 2nd "diaspora" and were not yet enrolled in 
schools.  We did art, we did music and we learned how to share and 
take turns and be nice to one another.  These children crave 
love.  It is heartbreaking.  We went to our evening shelter location 
and we left because there is so much turmoil there now.  Two weeks 
ago everyone had just settled in and all were getting along.  People 
had their space and their neighbors.  Now they are crowding hundreds 
of new evacuees in and there are literally turf wars going 
on.  People are afraid to leave for fear their few belongings will be 
stolen.  Security is more present.  There are even metal detectors in 
one of the shelters.

Now we are fearing Rita is headed straight for us.  All schools have 
been cancelled tomorrow and all activities here this weekend have 
been cancelled.  My assistant and I just broke down today.  We are 
doing so much, but there is so much to do.  Our hearts are so 
full.  We are taking the weekend off to refuel.
Judy Caplan Ginsburgh, Professional Singer
Arts & Healthcare and Arts Education Coordinator
Arts Council of Central Louisiana
To send donations to help victims of Hurricane Katrina heal through the arts:
We need art supplies, journals, pens, notebooks, Michaels gift 
certificates, CDs/tapes, portable players and headphones, monetary 
donations, etc.
Send to: Arts Council Arts & Healthcare Initiaitive
1101 4th St., Suite 201
Alexandria, LA 71301

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