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Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 11:00:54 -0400
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Subject: [Puptcrit] Re: Stop Mtion

Greetings from the northeast where it's finally beginning to feel like fall.

Some of our friends in the very puppet friendly film collective Handcranked
Films <> have done stop motion and those films are
often shown in Boston and elsewhere. They create a wide range of stop
motion, some based on 2D and some 3D.   Bryan Papciak (who teaches at RISD)
and Jeff Sias both worked for a while at the late lamented Olive Jar Studios
which also did stop motion.  They teach stop motion workshops sometimes at
Northeast/Mid-Atlantic and national PofA festivals, and I highly recommend
taking one of their workshops if you get a chance. And the website is worth
a visit from anyone at all interested in handmade film.

Can't wait to see the Burton film myself sometime soon.  I've been a fan of
the form since childhood (I'm old enough to have been brought up on Gumby
before it was retro) and my interest was rekindled years ago by a film
collective called "Off The Wall Cinema" that operated for years in back
rooms and alternative venues around Boston. In fact, between The Museum
School, Mass College of Art (the only publicly funded art college in the
nation ), RISD , and a slew of Art colleges and collectives, animation and
alternative puppetry on film are very much a "living art" in our area.



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