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Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 11:48:41 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Marketing on the internet

There is no bulk rate discount for 4 x 6 postcards.  Since I am not a
not-for-profit organization I can't get the not for profit rate.  I do have
a first class imprint so at least I don't have to put stamps on all those

For regular size bulk rate there is a $150 charge per year so I would need
to send out about 1,500 before it makes any difference. Of course, if I sent
this out from a mail service there would be no $150 charge for me.  But I am
not sure that bulk rate material gets there in a timely manner.  Asheville
Puppetry Alliance (which is a not-for-profit) does use a mail service and I
always send a couple of test pieces when we send out a mailing.  Sometime
the test pieces take a couple of weeks to get there.  Ask Kurt Hunter about
his last mailing to the membership about the festival.  Some of the members
got it in August - after the festival was over.

The postmistress at my little post office is always suggesting that I use
the post office printing/postage/mailing service.  Has anyone used it?  Is
it cost effective? Of course then I wouldn't have the extra postcards to
hand out when I am doing shows.

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> At 9/25/2005  Sunday  02:03 PM, you wrote:
> >  Postage is
> >just eating up my marketing budget.  I just spent $275 on 5,000 postcards
> >and $1,000 to mail them.
> Looks like you paid full price.  Are you using a mailing service that
> handles bulk mail?  With 5000 postcards, you should be able to mail
> them for far less than 20 cents each.
> Peter
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