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Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 09:54:11 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Corpse Bride / Stop Mtion

I haven't seen it yet, but it's at the top of my list.  To find out more
about stop motion, has a pretty good article by the co-director
(Mike Johnson) and a lot of nice images at the end.
(  There is
also a good stop motion book by Susannah Shaw.  The book has information
on how to sculpt the heads, make the inner skeleton, etc. that any
puppeteer would find interesting.  Just go to and type in stop
motion for a search and it will be the first thing to pop up.  Rednose
Studios also has some interesting stuff ( 
I like the look of the stop motion puppets that he makes/uses.

The only stop motion I did was using my son's Darth Vader, a video camera
directly connected into my PC by firewire, and the software that came with
it to grab individual pictures and then put them together to make a movie
out of it.  It was fun, but I could easily see how tedious it would be and
see how much artistry goes into it just from playing with it in the
basement, and that's just the camera and motion side of things...I didn't
even have to make any special puppets.  You could do some fairly easy toy
theater pieces this way.


> Wow!  We went to see the Corpse Bride movie last
> night.  Tim Burton and crew have really done an
> amazing job with stop motion puppetry
> again.  This one breaks new ground.  I am sure
> Cinefex magazine will be featuring this.   A few
> points without ruining the clever story....the
> characters are outstanding in design and variety.
> Music is wonderful.    The piano the characters
> play was labeled a Ray Harryhausen
> brand.  (Another tribute to the great stop motion genius.)
> Has anyone here ever tried stop motion
> puppetry?   I've helped make one very short stop
> motion scene with a crew of 10 for Comedy Central
> and it was amazingly tedious.   Corpse Bride was
> just overwhelming to watch.  The size of the feet
> on many characters were so small long
> jointed pencil legs with almost no feet.    How
> do you plant those feet on the stage stabilizing
> the character seamlessly between frames while
> making the necessary pose changes and head
> replacements?  Too much to talk about....truly
> impressive work.  I'll see this movie MANY times.
> Two major studios doing SM puppet movies at the
> same time right now.   Refreshing in a market
> where everything is Computer Generated animation.
> DreamWorks Wallace and Grommit - "Curse of
> Were-Rabbit".
> (haven't seen this one yet)
> Warner Brothers "Corpse Bride"
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