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Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 14:42:14 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Marketing on the internet

We are also not a "not-for-profit," but we have found one way of keeping 
some of the costs down.  We go to a mailing agency.  We give them our 
mailing list on disc. They print the address on our brochures, and allow us 
to use their bulk rate.  We save the price of labels, computer ink and our 
time of labeling and sorting.  Most of the mail gets delivered in a timely 
manner...usually within the week.


At 11:48 AM 9/26/2005, you wrote:
>There is no bulk rate discount for 4 x 6 postcards.  Since I am not a
>not-for-profit organization I can't get the not for profit rate.  I do have
>a first class imprint so at least I don't have to put stamps on all those
>For regular size bulk rate there is a $150 charge per year so I would need
>to send out about 1,500 before it makes any difference. Of course, if I sent
>this out from a mail service there would be no $150 charge for me.  But I am
>not sure that bulk rate material gets there in a timely manner.  Asheville
>Puppetry Alliance (which is a not-for-profit) does use a mail service and I
>always send a couple of test pieces when we send out a mailing.  Sometime
>the test pieces take a couple of weeks to get there.  Ask Kurt Hunter about
>his last mailing to the membership about the festival.  Some of the members
>got it in August - after the festival was over.
>The postmistress at my little post office is always suggesting that I use
>the post office printing/postage/mailing service.  Has anyone used it?  Is
>it cost effective? Of course then I wouldn't have the extra postcards to
>hand out when I am doing shows.
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> > >  Postage is
> > >just eating up my marketing budget.  I just spent $275 on 5,000 postcards
> > >and $1,000 to mail them.
> >
> > Looks like you paid full price.  Are you using a mailing service that
> > handles bulk mail?  With 5000 postcards, you should be able to mail
> > them for far less than 20 cents each.
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