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Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] wood and cathersis
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 08:26:13 +1000

Wayong wrote:
"Imagine the same effort of lecturing can go into productive use by creating 
a novel, a poem or a puppet play!"
Thanks Wayong, Its an interesting point you raise here  but I have to ask 
you one question.....

Were the works "Blindness" or "Divided Kingdom" (neither of which I am 
familiar with but I think I get the gist of your direction) conceived and 
nurtured in an apolitical vaccum? or were the artists "naivists" and 
Most works of art reflect the life experiences, the literacy and the 
considered opinions of the artists. The praxis an artist brings to their 
work ISNT a result of genes or a gift from God but (hopefully and not 
always) a process of assimilation, education, definition and experience, 
they dont develop in a vaccum and they certainly dont remain static. 
Critical debate, rather than name calling and pusilanimous disparagment is 
the refining fire that guides the artist in the maturing of their practice.
Although Puptcrit is a forum for craftspeople it is also a discussion list 
for artists and as such provides an important platform for the nurturing of 
an artists sophistication. It reaches far beyond what glue to use to why and 
where are we going with our arts practise and this CANNOT and MUST NOT 
happen in a sterile and uninformed environment.

Ill stop my "lecturing" now and hope for intelligent, insightful and 
hopefully critical debate.

Thank You


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