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Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 10:41:03 -0400
Subject: [Puptcrit] request regarding replying digest subscribers

Puptcrit digest subscribers - please be careful when hitting the reply 
button to post a message on Puptcrit.
If your email program is geared to copy the whole message (read "issue" 
here) to which you are replying in the body of your reply
and you do not delete the copied issue or at least all of the issue except 
perhaps the message to which your own message responds,
you are pumping quite a bit of superfluous messages back through Puptcrit. 
Sometimes highlighting the message to which you want
to respond before you hit the reply button will limit the copied body of 
text solely to that message
I get the digest form of puptcrit .
In the past digest (V11 issue 46) there was a message that included the 
whole of digest V11 issue 45 and the issue 45 included the whole of issue 44.
So the issue of 46 had issues 45 and 44 all rolled into one and the digest 
reader had to glean through these to find the last messages to issue 46
Okay its not a big problem, I know, - not in the grand scheme of things. 
And only Puptcrit digest consumers would probably find this a problem. But 
it can be confusing trying to thread through the messages and it does take 
up a large space on my greatly antiquated computer.
Many thanks,
Steve Williford

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