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I love the DVD idea.  It is a little more than I have to spend at the moment
but my company keeps growing so it will not be long.

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Subject: [Puptcrit] Marketing

Susan wrote:
So I guess it is back to snail mail.  It's to bad, I was able to send much
more information in an e-mail than a on a 4 x 6 post card.

And you can send a lot more information on a DVD! More even than an email or
a website!
This has been our marketing strategy, to create a DVD that features EVERY
last ounce of material that will be required...(and everything that will
make a prospective clients life easy) a promotional blurb for the
prospective client, promo material for prospective audiences, Posters,
Flyers, Media releases, film clips, Bio etc. and even a gimmicky game to
play...(remember the fad for including a t-bag or coffee satchel for the
prospective to enjoy while reading our gumph...LOL)  All packaged up and
nicely presented.......costs us (OK we do a lot of it in-house) about $900
aus (650-700 US) for 500 DVD's burnt, labelled and sleeved. We selectively
target our recipients and keep a lot for warm contacts etc. you can even get
them burnt and printed onto business card size!!!!!
For us it has proven to be VERY succesful.....admittedly we have had as much
success creating marketing DVD's for our clients as well but there you
Something to think about

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