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Subject: RE: [Puptcrit] Neoprene vs others et al
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 11:54:28 -0400
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There is yet another approach to resin casting. It is called slush
casting. I use this method to make puppet heads as well as ventriloquist
dummy heads. Mix up some resin pour it into the silicone rubber or latex
rubber mold thru the neck and rock the head around so that the resin
covers the entire inside of the mold. Alumilite totally catalyzes in
about 3 minutes but is thick enough much sooner than that to stop
rocking the head around. The finished head is lightweight and hollow.
This may help
  I hope that helps.
 Les Lamborn

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Let me get this straight Phil, you think we like to hear ourselves talk,
but you want our help? Do you actually have friends?

I haven't used the tester of Alumilite that I bought, but here is what I
do know. Neoprene casting, like Latex casting, works through absorption.
They are poured into a porous molds (Plaster, or other gypsum cement),
and the water from the liquid is absorbed into the walls of the mold.
The liquid then forms a skin on the inside of the mold. After a period
of time, one pours the excess out of the mold, leaving a hollow casting.

Alumilite does not work by absorption, it is a resin, and will catalyze
(chemically cure, not air dry) as a solid mass. That is generally too
heavy for puppeteer's uses. Two ways to get around this are to build a
core mold, which can be very tricky to remove, or to spin your mold so
that centrifugal  keeps the material on the skin of the mold, leaving a
hollow center.

Greg Ballora

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> Hi:
> I've been lurking for 2 or 3 days: my, don't people on this list love
> to see themselves talk?
> Already I digress, has anyone used Alumilte products?  I have not but
> I've seen a demonstration and I have purchased the instructional video

> and it looks easy, clean but not inexpensive (but I've never used
> Neoprene os I have not point of comparison.
> Phil Arnold
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