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Subject: RE: [Puptcrit] request regarding replying digest subscribers
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 16:08:42 -0400
To: <>

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Hi, Ray:

When we first got e-mail here at work, we all had to take a class that included e-mail etiquette.  The teacher told us to put our replies at the bottom so that the person to whom we were writing would be reminded of what he or she had said.  This year we went to something new that automatically puts the cursor at the top and draws a line beneath the new message (as you can plainly see).  So much for rules, I figure.

Brid in Toledo


From: on behalf of Ray DaSilva
Sent: Tue 9/27/2005 12:17 PM
Subject: RE: [Puptcrit] request regarding replying digest subscribers

Dear Steve,
I have dutifully deleted most of your message as suggested.

While we are on the subject of email procedure, Can somebody tell me why
some people reply to the message right at the bottom of whatever has
gone before. When that happens you are obliged to scroll down to the
bottom to read the response.  There may be a good reason for that,
perhaps someone will explain. People who respond at the top of previous
message save us that chore.
Is there a recommended protocol?
Also on the subject of procedure, and still sounding a bit crotchety,
some people need to keep an eye on the subject line, rather than broach
a completely new subject on an old message.

Steve said:
Puptcrit digest subscribers - please be careful when hitting the reply
button to post a message on Puptcrit.
If your email program is geared to copy the whole message (read "issue"
here) to which you are replying in the body of your reply
and you do not delete the copied issue or at least all of the issue
perhaps the message to which your own message responds,
you are pumping quite a bit of superfluous messages back through

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