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Im not familiar with FlexFoam but I have been an advocate of urethane foams 
for a number of years. They can be treated in exactly the sane way as any 
latex foam and come in a far greater range of shore hardnesses and density. 
(You can make your puppet heads with the hardness of a modern cars bumper 
bar or the softness of a baby's proverbial). It can also be self skinning or 
Two problems I have encountered is A) Urethane intolerance in the end 
user.....about the same as latex intolerance, I provide soft white cotton 
gloves in either case and
B) Urethane sticks (and boy does it stick) to plaster molds....three 
solutions, I skin the plaster mold with latex,  I spray the mold (when using 
a plaster mold) with a release agent or I use a silicon mold.
After years of pampering GM Latex foam it is a real joy to be able to just 
say "hey! I'll slap some foam in this and see how it goes"
Im also not familiar with alumilite but for hard shell heads I use 
"Easycast" a 30 second slush cast polymer. I can run 3 5" heads in silicon 
molds at a time by myself and demold in 30 minutes, 4 "layers" being enough 
to produce a good solid shell. I usually lay the molds over to allow any 
residual to puddle in any delicate areas, noses, chins etc.

Daniel "I only said all this because I love the sound of my own voice"

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> I'm sorry, what's the difference between Latex and Urethane?
> FlexFoam-iT! Series Flexible Urethane Foam looks really easy to use an
> good alternative to the methods I was reading about, but are they good
> for puppets?  Can it be flocked?  What density is good for puppetry?
> Thanks guys!
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