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Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 17:51:06 -0500
Subject: [Puptcrit] re: Marketing

Just a few thoughts re: marketing; I wanted to point out the excellent web
site of SF's Swazzle at

I can't remember if Sean or any of the Swazzle folks are on Puptcrit, but I
think everyone can learn a lot from looking at their web site. I'm stunned
that a lot of companies pay so little attention to their web site and doing
proper marketing.

I love Swazzle's site because It's well designed and looks professional
(sooo many puppet theatres have awful web sites), it's deep (more than just
3 or 4 pages with minimal information), has video and most importantly it
conveys the image of a company that's lots of fun and really entertaining.
I've never seen any of their shows, but looking at that web site makes me
want to and that's what good marketing material should do.

Also on the subject of marketing, I highly recommend any of the marketing
books by Seth Godin, he's brilliant and writes in a style that's very
readable even if you don't like business. He also writes a very good,
frequently updated blog at

I'm just finishing up a one year business program right now and have lots of
lists of good stuff like this. If anyone on the list is looking for good
marketing/publicity resources email me privately and I can probably hook you



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