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Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 20:06:33 -0400

I wanted to give just a few thoughts on marketing cause that is sort of what 
I do for some people (soft marketing) using puppets.

Sort of.......

Sorry if stating the obvious but the most effective form of marketing (at 
least in an enclosed community - one with limits) is word of mouth.

One aspect of my job is to create word of mouth for my clients. To create a 
positive impression. Once that is accomplished it is up to them to maintain 

There are a lot of subtlties in the message being given by using a 
professional to do a specfic job. My expertise (and feel very funny using 
that word) is to communicate with a group of people using puppetry (live 
performance) as the medium.

But it all boils down to word of mouth. Now supporting that is another 

Always felt that a website (which I don't have yet cause haven't felt until 
recently that I really needed one......there are of course reasons for all 
of that), should be like a brochure. Make it easy to read with most of the 
most pertinent information on the front (first page). People don't have a 
lot of time to sift through stuff whether hard copy or online.

One reason I don't care for DVD's or CD's or before that video etc. It takes 
time and effort to use and one should try to make it as easy as possible. 
Figure you have a little like  8 seconds to make an impression or state your 

In planning for a website I will have a professional design and maintain it. 
It is nice to do it yourself and as puppeteers we do a lot of that, but in 
some things should definitely use the skills of someone who is trained and 
knows what they are doing.

The most important thing I suppose when designing a campaign of some sort is 
to recognize that one solution does not fit all. The only rule to go by is 
that if it works it is right (I use that for shows too).

Design first what you want to have to know where you are 
trying to go. Make it a definable goal or you will never know if you have 
met it. eg a statement like I want to be happy.....what does that mean????? 
undefinable.... A statement like, this year I want to book 200 shows well 
that is definable and you can brain storm how to accomplish that.

But most of important is word of mouth. If you have a good show you will 
find a client and if it is good then like that tv ad used to say, one friend 
tells two friends, two friends tell two friends ad infinitum.

I humbly offer you these thoughts...not earth shattering.....but then again 
K.I.S.S. is a good thing to live by in terms of gosh everything????? For 
those who may not know: Keep It Simple Stupid....(Kiss)

Mark S.

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