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Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 14:57:34 GMT
Subject: [Puptcrit] Jim Henson/Muppet stamps -AT- Post Offices

Dear Jim-Sorry you have not gotten information at your post office on the Muppet Stamp set which is supposed to be released today in North Hollywood CA, and elsewhere by tomorrow, and maybe today too.

I am not surprised that you were not told more at your post office.. The P.O. has been like FEMA. On the postal web site, you really have to poke around to get info on the "Jim Henson" stamps, and they STILL said the release would be LAST MARCH "subect to change.

One stamp publication (non-govt) said the first release would be in North Hollywood yesterday, so I went to the Chandler Blvd P.O. by metro rail/subway from Pasadena since the Post Office Web Page had no info that I could find, other than misinformation.

The window clerk said it would happen today (Wed) about 9 a.m.

Also somebody at Postal HQ inWashington, DC answered my request for help, by e-mail and said today was the release date, at North Hollywood, but they gave a different ZIP code.

Down the street from the Chandler Blvd postal station is the Television Academy HQ where according to the P.O. window clerk, a ceremony including local school kids is to take place. So I walked there and inquired at the reception desk and the desk person had not heard about anything. Hmmmn.

So far I have not seen any publicity in newspapers or on TV news. Could not find anything on the basic Muppet Webpage but maybe similar pages have info. I'd hoped more info would be available by now! By tomorrow hopefully most post offices will finally have the stamps and the $17 jumbo postcards with the same art work, to which you can add the 37 cent stamps. After today I will know more.--ALAN COOK

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Subject: Muppet Stamps?

We called the post office today, and the lady could not find any reference to
Henson or Muppet stamps...any advice?   jim G

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