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Subject: RE: [Puptcrit] QUITTING PUPPETRY!
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 11:27:36 -0500

For the last eight years I had a job that I really hated and during that 
time I backed out of performing. The job that I had consumed my whole life. 
I was pretty miserable. So, about a year ago I quit my "real job" and went 
into performing full time. It was scary at first and for the first few 
months we ate lots of Roman noodles, but now things are looking a lot 
better. I went from never performing to performing full time. Now I'm 
enjoying my life.

When I was young I saw Kermit on a bicycle and wondered how he was able to 
do that. I've been hooked ever since. The thrill of puppetry for me is to be 
able to create something no one has ever seen before. And hopefully, people 
wonder how I was able to do that.

It's hard to make a living wiggling dolls, but it is possible. My family 
keeps me going. My wife believes in me and that's all I need.


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