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Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 13:22:40 -0400
Subject: [Puptcrit] re:  fabric over foam puppets

Usually, any stretchy fabric will work if it is sturdy.  I have used 
terry, suede like, glittery, whatever.  Basically, hide your seams 
artfully and you can get almost any fabric to work.  Draping the 
material when appropriate, choose where you make your seams, and it 
can be quite nice.  Make interesting wrinkles, etc.  I usually make a 
pattern using really cheap material/brown paper if I'm experimenting 
- that way I don't waste the good stuff.  I do use antron fleece, 
too, and order it fairly cheaply from GA stage Co.  I hope my puppets 
will last a very long time, and some indeed have, so I think it is 
worth it to create an artful product if I spend the extra money.  The 
important thing is to get the look you want.

Some times you can brush seams, I make regular seams with the fleece 
and use a light wire brush or toothbrush to hide the seams.  If you 
are working with fur, shave the fur along the seamlines before sewing 
and when you cut, just cut the fabric, not the fur.  I don't consider 
myself an expert, but have just learned from years of sewing.  I'm 
sure others have even better methods!  Drew Allison's Foam Book is 
alot of fun and gives great ideas, too.   Good luck.

Your original message clip follows my reply.  I have Eudora.


>I am assuming that I would want to cut the fleece with little to no
>overlap and lightly hand-stitch in order to hide the seams. In the past,
>I always had cheap fabric that I just did a 1/4" seam allowance and ran
>it through the sewing machine as I wouldn't be able to hide it anyway.

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