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Date: Thu, 01 Sep 2005 15:52:41 GMT
Subject: [Puptcrit] wedding puppets

Many years ago, I presented the world premiere and only performance of GOLDILOCKS & PRINCE CHARMING in our family's living room for invited guests One guest had never ever seen a puppet show (culturally deprived!!!!)

Goldilocks was forced by an evil witch to work endlessly in the Tower of the Recreation Dept of our little city (South Pasadena CA). One day Prince Charming arrived in his Austin Healey sports car, saw her visage in the window and immediately fell in love and rescued the distressed damsel.

Of course my sister Laurel worked at the Rec. Dept. at the time, and Fred (her boyfriend) drove an Austin Healey, but only ONE person in the audience (who had been my Hi School ART TEACHER) had an inkling where the show plot was going. I could hear her murmering "ahaaaa". The rest of the audience didn't "get it" until the King announced to all his citizens that his son would marry Goldilocks and live happily ever after. Then the rest of the audience also murmered "ahaaaa...". We used one of the Brandenburg Variations by Bach with all the trumpets as background for the ending.

The show kept the attention of the audience. We must have done something right because Laurie & Fred are still married.

Maybe this will provide some ideas for a wedding show?

Our show was reported in the South Pasadena Review social columns and provided a nice change of pace from the standard reports of engagements and weddings.---ALAN COOK

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