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Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Left Handed?
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 08:57:33 -0400

I'm a righty, but I like to hold the control in my left hand and use my 
dominant hand on the strings.  Most other righty marionettists that I 
know puppeteer the opposite way, though.

~ Anne

On Sep 30, 2005, at 12:26 AM, Gregory Ballora wrote:

> --- wrote:
>>      I write right handed, bat left handed, golf
>> left  handed and fly left
>> and right handed. I work most marionettes left
>> handed, but  hand/rod puppets
>> either way.
> Hey Jim!
> You never told me you were teaching me to work
> marionettes Lefty! I just followed your lead, and have
> been pretty happy with the results. I think it is
> rather interesting though. You build more extenders
> onto your puppets than many people, and it always made
> sense to me that my dominant hand (right) was doing
> most of the work on the control, while my left hand
> managed the fewer strings. It was interesting to see
> on Team America how people prefered to work.Those
> marionettes were NOT friendly to operate, so people
> tended to want to stick with their strong side.
> Initially, a lot of casting for  a given shot depended
> on handedness, since we had a great number of
> obstacles, and places to put platforms was limited.
> Just wondering about the rest of the marionettists out
> there, which way do you work? Control in the dominant
> hand, or strings in the dominant hand? And Why? What
> style of control do you use?
> I noticed that puppeteers trained by Bob Baker tend to
> put the control in the left, whatever handed they are,
> and those trained by Jim Gamble tend to put the
> control in the right. Most controls are useable in
> either, but not all, so I guess that would affect
> things.....
> What do you all think?
> Greg Ballora
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