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Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 13:01:23 EDT
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Left Handed?

Greg, et al:

More than you need to know.....

I am right handed but have always used my left to hold the main control with 
the leg bar in my right with fingers free to work hands, etc.   I learned on 
the traditional airplane control. All of the companies I've worked with have 
used this style with what I'll call 'standard stringing.'   So grabbing most any 
puppet and doing a 'passable' job came easy.

Now I use a modified Bross/Roser controls with walking bar. 
While I know it can be done (Ogrodnik and others have worked it out,) I do 
miss the convenience of using a 'toggle' (or extenders?) for elbows, etc. The 
Bross design doesn't lend itself to that easily. 
On an airplane control, the little finger found work..... ;-)   
I have looked to Jim Gamble and Phillip Huber (who uses a modified Gamble 
design) controls for solutions. So far, extenders, while a good idea, haven't 
helped me. 

I now use a rather complex arrangement (complex, in that my controls at times 
ar a tad larger than I'd like,) but given some of Roser's wonderful 
contraptions, I'm doing OK.   Each is designed for specific movements and with the 
understanding that I don't expect every marionette to be able to do all things. 

I should clarify and say that all my work now is aimed at what we call 
'cabaret style' or variety pieces.
I tend to concentrate a great deal of effort in giving the hands and arms a 
much broader range of 'controlled' movement than the standard run-thru hand and 
arm strings (with yoke or bridle) provide.
So I have a separate hand and arm controller each again designed /shaped for 
specific puppets/specific movements. While these this may sound limiting, 
believe me, they are not. 

I have learned much in the last few years since I have been able to focus a 
lot of my time on solving some practical control/stringing problems. I was so 
used to dealing with fairly standard controls and stringing methods on others' 
marionettes, that it took some real work to understand how some of the 
physical laws apply, using Roser's approach. I am still learning....
Fred T.

Greg. Ballora wrote:
> Just wondering about the rest of the marionettists out
> there, which way do you work? Control in the dominant
> hand, or strings in the dominant hand? And Why? What
> style of control do you use?
> I noticed that puppeteers trained by Bob Baker tend to
> put the control in the left, whatever handed they are,
> and those trained by Jim Gamble tend to put the
> control in the right. Most controls are useable in
> either, but not all, so I guess that would affect
> things.....
> What do you all think?
> Greg Ballora

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