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Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Operating Left Handed?
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 17:47:05 -0400

I work equally with both hands, depending on the blocking. Most of the 
time my shows are done on stage with the puppets, so if there is only 
one puppet I may switch back and forth between hands depending on where 
the puppet needs to go and where my body is in relation to the puppet. 
When working on a bridge it is much the same - depends on what my other 
hand needs to be doing. Sometimes I am working with both hands doing 
the toggle (legs) of one puppet while the opposite hand works the hands 
strings, at the same time the reverse is happening in the other hand. 
Sound confusing? Right hand is working the legs of the puppet held in 
the right hand and the hand strings of the puppet held in the left 
hand, while the left hand works the legs of the puppet held in the left 
hand while the right hand works the hand string. That of course is only 
when they are close together. If separate one hand works both.
  I may favor one hand over the other, but I don't think so as blocking 
seems to determine it more than "dominant hand" does.
  Style of control varies from puppet to puppet, sometimes single 
airplane, sometimes biplane, sometimes rod marionette, sometimes 
European upright control, sometimes whatever it takes.
  Some shows have no marionettes at all, and puppets are worked with 
either or both hands.
  Regardless of the type of puppets some tasks are blocked for the 
puppet to be in/on a particular hand as the task they need to do sort 
of calls for it.

Christopher Hudert
Applause Unlimited
2824 Irisdale Avenue
Richmond, VA 23228
(804) 264-0299

On Sep 30, 2005, at 12:26 AM, Gregory Ballora wrote:

> Just wondering about the rest of the marionettists out
> there, which way do you work? Control in the dominant
> hand, or strings in the dominant hand? And Why? What
> style of control do you use?

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