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Date: Sun, 4 Sep 2005 17:10:07 EDT
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Dwiggins balanced marionettes

There's a nice exhibit of a good bit of the Dwiggins collection at the Boston 
Public Library Rare Books Collection.  See also Phyllis Dircks' recent book 
American Puppetry for Roberta Zonghi's essay "The Dwiggins Marionettes at the 
Boston Public Library."


In a message dated 9/3/2005 2:10:45 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
We ordered the big Dwiggins book way back when and devoured it.  It's a 
beautiful book.  We built a couple of puppets in the style.  It was a wonderful 
inspirational, resource for beginning puppeteers and although we use different 
materials and techniques now, it is still a must-have for any puppeteer's 
library (if you can get it).  If nothing else, it sets a high standard to aspire to. 

The MIT Festival was the first national we attended and we made the trip to 
see the Exhibit.  A docent showed us the printing stuff, too.  Is it still 
there?  And how accessible is it to the public?

Nancy Smith
Great Arizona Puppet Theater
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