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Robert -

Thank you for these words.  You managed to express exactly what I felt (and
I'm sure others as well).

Dusty Teague

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   I am new to this conversation on puppetry and I'd like to add some
W. A. Dwiggins and his friends may have created marionette productions that
in some ways now seem to be dated.  But their work was of the highest
quality.  I would venture to say that it was even better than that of many
professionals working today.
   That is why people - including me - cherish that lavish book about them.
Everything about the Dwiggins theater, from the mural over the proscenium to
the innovative backstage inventions to the marionettes themselves helped
make it the kind of place many of us would be delighted to work in today.
   To cast a shadow over Dwiggins' talent by considering that marionettes of
today - which are often bigger than his - would be too heavy if they were
similarly carved out of wood is silly.  It's not the material they were made
out of that people admire, it's the way they were carved.  And to worry
about their weight in a suitcase and the possible extra fee it would cost to
send them on a plane has nothing to do with art.
   We should all try to do our best and try not to pidgeonhole those who
have worked before us.  Some people already find ways to criticize Bil Baird
and diminish the value of his work.  One day, they'll pick on Jim Henson.
Let's consider their works for what they are and not for the circumstances
around their creation.

Robert Rogers
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