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Date: Thu, 08 Sep 2005 04:15:05 GMT
Subject: [Puptcrit] Dwiggins

Thanks for your input, everybody!!!

I don't know if Jim is pulling our legs or just reminding us that he flies shows more than anybody. I know I'm impressed by that frenzy of activity. And I'm impressed by his really nice studio too.

 Doing exhibits, I DO NOT FLY the puppets, I DRIVE them on the highway to the museum or gallery destination, and I have never done any exhibit ouside the USA other than a PofA Fest in Vanouver, BC. And I'm NOT about to drill holes in any puppets in my collection, even though I'm older than Jim. He has me, on my not making much money, too. But somebody"s got to do what I do.

And Jim sure got the discusssion going!!!

Jim is a character! He is known to provoke, and sure got this discussion going by prodding  many critters. Is he totally serious? Only he can answer that.

  Frank Paris remade some of his puppets by making new ones less heavy than the originals, but he didn't drill them full of holes.----ALAN COOK

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